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Product Range

Anti-corrosion Rubber lining services & Rubber Products supply is one of the key services of ENMAS OMAN. We are specialized in providing various rubber lining services to all kind of industrial sectors in Oman. ENMAS Rubber division offers prowess and proven leadership in innovative rubber lining services and product supply.

ENMAS OMAN is always feel excited to provide best in class technical suggestions & solutions to deliver a longer service life of Equipments.

Thanks to our Associates work all the way to supply your requirements in molded and extruded rubber products, Rubber expansion joints, Hoses, Pulley lagging, Rubber rollers, Conveyor belts & Conveyor system components.


Rubber Products – Molded & Extruded

ENMAS Oman is one of the very few Rubber lining company has its Association with companies pioneered in compound, mix, extrude, and mold rubber components and parts. Our associate companies play a vital role in the rubber product market. State of the art production house with well-versed Rubber Product production team. They are one stop shop having all facilities from pre mixing, manufacturing, fabrication, Curing, machining and finishing under one roof. Our supply partners and associates promise of quality have help us play a major role in the market of industrial and commercial rubber products. ENMAS RUBBER DIVISION can supply a variety of custom molded & extruded rubber products including rubber gaskets, seals, bumpers and a variety of other applications. We can supply custom extruded profiles in a variety of shapes and lengths with a rubber compound specifically designed to meet your requirements. Our product range will cover all consumable needs of Fertilizers, Water desalination, Power plant, Caustic soda & alkali, Refineries, Steel, Oil& Gas etc.,

Product Range

  • Gaskets, Seals
  • Couplings, Bridge bearing pads
  • Bellows and a full range of “D” shape
  • Square, solid and cylindrical fenders
  • Bumper & Bushes
  • Wheel Stoppers, Wall guard & Humps
  • Rubber Diaphragm & Gasket
  • Rubber Hose
  • Rubber Shapes, Stripes and Profiles
  • Rubber Cord, tubing & other associated materials

Expansion Joints & Hoses

ENMAS RUBBER DIVISION Tie up with leading manufacturers of Expansion joints, Hoses, Sleeves and Duct Bellows for chemical and non -chemical usage and variety for slurry, liquid and gas applications.

A wide variety of natural, synthetic and special purpose elastomers and fabrics are available to the industry. Materials are treated and combined to meet a wide range of practical pressure/temperature operating conditions, corrosive attack, abrasion and erosion.

Product Range

  • Single Arch Rubber expansion Joint
  • Double Arch Rubber expansion Joint
  • Multi Arch Rubber expansion Joint
  • Canvas Bellows
  • Leather Bellows
  • Rexene Bellows
  • Rectangular Bellows
  • Air & Water Hose
  • Chemical suction & discharge Hose

Conveyor Belting

We provide supply and services of all kind of conveyor systems, Conveyor belting, conveyor accessories. Our partnership with leading global brands of India & Europe gives us the unique advantage of offering our customers the best quality & widest range of products along with the latest developments in the field of conveyor belts.

Conveyor Pulleys
  • Head Pulley
  • Tail Pulley
  • Snub Pulley
  • Special Apllications
  • Customized Apllication
Conveyor Rollers
  • Carrying Rollers
  • Impact Rollers
  • Return Rollers
  • Guiding Rollers
  • Cleaning Rollers
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